PK Terminal belongs to Palgard Crane Group, which has 25 years of experience in the Baltic States and over 50 years of experience in Sweden in handling various goods in ports and terminals.

Terminal development

PK Terminal will deploy modern loading machines in Muuga Harbour, build new warehouses for the storage of goods, and prepare logistical tools supporting customers to speed up the delivery of goods for the vehicles and receiving the goods. We continuously keep up to date with advanced options for handling and storing goods in order to provide the best service to our customers.

2021 developments

PK Terminal OÜ signed a new agreement with AS Tallinna Sadam for the Virna 3 property. By July 2021, Maru Ehitus AS will build another 12 000 m2 of PVC warehouse space. There will also be nearly 20 000 m2 of open storage space for storing various goods.

New warehouses built in 2020

In July 2020 new warehouses were built – 16 000 m2 PVC warehouse at Virna 1 and 2 x 4000 m2 PVC warehouses at Koorma 2. Warehouses will be used for different bulk materials and long term agreements have been made with clients.


PK Terminal ordered more machines
PK Terminal ordered one more Sennebogen 875 material handling machine. The purpose of the second machine is to provide fast loading service for Panamax type vessels, also to have capability to handle 2 big ships or heavy materials simultaneosly.
The machine will arrive from the factory in August 2020. In addition, the fleet is complemented by two new Hyundai 960 wheel loaders and several different equipments manufactured by Exstel.
PK Terminals target is to provide fast and efficient service to all customers.

PK Terminal is building another 24 000 m2 of warehouses
PK Terminal and Maru Ehitus AS signed a contract in November 2019 for the construction of 16 000 m2 bulk cargo warehouse on Virna 1 property. Warehouse is divided into three sections.
In addition a contract was signed with Nordecon AS for the preparation of the ground of Koorma 2 property and with FinEst-Hall Baltic for the construction of two 4000 m2 PVC warehouses.
The warehouses will be completed in July 2020.

The first warehouse of PK Terminal is ready
In December 2019, the first 6000 m2 warehouse for bulk cargo was completed on Koorma 2 property.

The first warehouse of PK Terminal is ready


PK Terminal ordered an additional two Scalex vehicle scales

The three vehicle scales will improve the logistics of terminal areas and, thanks to shorter queues, the waiting time for vehicles on the territory will be reduced. The scales will be put into service at the end of 2019.

PK Terminal started the construction of warehouses on the Koorma 2 property

PK Terminal signed an agreement with OÜ Verston Ehitus for the preparation of sites and agreements with OÜ FinEst-Hall Baltic for the construction of PVC halls. The preparatory work will be completed by September 2019 and the construction of the hall should be completed by November 2019. In the first step, the 6,000 m2 PVC warehouse will be ready for storage of bulk goods.

PK Terminal started the construction of warehouses on the Koorma 2 property





PK Terminal starts its operations at Muuga Harbour

PK Terminal OÜ and AS Tallinna Sadam signed a cooperation agreement and building title agreement on 12 June 2019 for the construction of bulk and mixed goods terminal in Muuga Harbour which deals with the handling and storage of round timber, wood pellets, metal products and gravel. With the agreements, the company took over the use rights of the two quays and their hinterland area used in the former steel sheet galvanizing plant as well as the Koorma 2 property. The agreements were signed for a period of 20 years, with the option to prolong for another 15 years.