Vessel handling possibilities

PPK Terminal has two quays where we can simultaneously handle up to 3 vessels – the length of quay 6A is 183 m and has a depth of 10.7 m, the length of quay 7 is 310 m and has a depth of 14.2 m (EH2000).

Vessel loading and unloading

The maximum vessel sizes depend on the loading scheme (loading or unloading) and the goods to be handled.

Vessel loading and unloading


Goods storage

To store goods PKT has at its disposal over 7 ha, accommodating open as well as closed warehouses.

Storage spaces

Closed warehouses are asphalt-covered PVC halls where it is possible to store different bulk goods as well as other packaged goods that need to be protected from weather conditions. Regarding open storage sites, we have sites with a hard surface (concrete, asphalt) as well as with a gravel surface. In cooperation with Exmet OU, we are also able to store different metal products.

Storage spaces







Loading equipment

PKT uses modern Sennebogen material handlers and various wheelloaders to handle goods. Sennebogen material handlers are specially designed for the best speed, maximum performance, reliability and safety.
Equipment used by PKT: Sennebogen 875 K29 material handler, Sennebogen 870 B25 material handler, Sennebogen 835 B18 material handler and various terminal machines and front loaders with accessories.


Weighing goods and logistics

PK Terminal uses Tamtron’s Scalex 1750/1000P vehicle scales to weigh goods, with a platform length of 18 metres and a weighing capacity of 80 tonnes. The scales are calibrated by OÜ Kaalukoda and have a certificate of conformity.


To track and manage goods PK Terminal program will be developed, where customers can check the stock of the item in the warehouse, ascertain the quantities of the items that have moved in and out, and plan the logistics of vehicles in PK Terminal for handling items.